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Copper City CBD Company is dedicated to offering the Highest quality Hemp derived CBD products at the fairest prices. We see all the issues that are plaguing this trending and rapidly growing market. We want to alleviate the stress and headaches of exploring the universe for a Hemp derived CBD product that actually works. Why scramble your brain with hype and chaos when you can get everything you’re looking for at a one stop shop? It’s time to relax, we are here to help! Don’t get caught up in all the craziness of the trending market of Hemp derived CBD products. Exploring the market can be absolutely exhausting. The products that cost too much are probably not worth the fancy bottles and labels. The only thing you’re paying for is the overhead they put into marketing. If the product is the cheapest on the planet, it’s probably the lowest quality product on the planet. Keep in mind the fact that you will probably get little to no help from our competitors, with questions about the products . It kind of makes you wonder ” Are they here to help or do they just want my money?” Well it’s kind of self explanatory. There are a lot of CBD companies out there just looking for a quick buck. It’s no wonder that people are so hesitant to try the products. At Copper City CBD Co. we carry the highest quality U.S. grown hemp derived CBD products at the fairest prices. All our products contain 0.3% or less THC values and are 3rd party tested by a certified facility to ensure THC values and purity of the CBD. Our mission at Copper City CBD Company is to not only provide a Hemp Derived CBD product of the highest quality industry standard, but to also educate our customers about CBD, the products, what they are and where they come from. We aren’t here to push products on to our customers, we are here to build a strong relationship with our customers. People need a company that understands their needs, a company that will take the time to understand exactly what people are looking for and a company that cares about the well being of its customers. People are more than a number. We provide our customers with the knowledge, service, affordability, and high quality products that they deserve. We are here to help build a happier and healthier lifestyle through the natural benefits of our quality hemp derived products. Stop in today to say hi and see for yourself. We have everything you need for many ailments or overall health. We have Oils, Edibles,Topicals, and Pet Products We are always getting new products to adapt to the growing market. Let Copper City CBD Co. be the only store you have to go to for all your Hemp and CBD needs.

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