Hemp Flower (Charlotte’s Gift) 3.5 grams

$30.00 $25.00

Lab Tested <0.3% THC

Ingredients: NON-GMO Organic U.S. Industrial Hemp flower grown in NY.

Parental info:

Mom: Charlotte’s Web is a high-CBD cultivar with proven medicinal properties that have helped many people across the globe.

Dad: Ringo’s Gift male (F1s originally bred by CBD pioneer, Lawrence Ringo) is a result from over three years of work selectively breeding for sexual and chemotypical stability. This male has been selected from a very large population and had the most massive flower clusters out of the genepool. This high-CBD & low-THC chemotypic traits are dominant amongst all of his offspring, which helps provide a predictable effect for patients  

CBD: 10-15%

Environment: Outdoor

Aromas/Flavors: Pine and hints of citrus are predominant.